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Ready to Get Started? This Is What to Expect

The expected process for your Home Construction or Home Remodeling  Job

Consultation picture Cheyenne Construction Phoenix, AZWhen you are ready to move forward with the building process, give us a call at (480) 962-0800 or fill out our contact form.

1. Initial meeting– We will then arrange an initial meeting to look over your plans, or move forward to have plans created.  We can help with the architectural process.  We will talk about your Construction site and start putting the pieces in place.

2. Obtaining permits – We will work to obtain the necessary permits from the city and handle any other process necessary to move the project forward in a timely fashion.

3. Construction – We begin Construction of your Custom Home, New Home, or Remodeling project.  We will begin scheduling the process so that your construction is done efficiently, and quickly.  We will talk with you throughout the process and make sure everything is going smoothly.  After completion, we will walk through to make sure everthing is done to your satisfaction.


Call us today for your Home Construction or home remodeling project.