Our Team

Cheyenne Construction and Development Team

President: Michael “Mickey” Hunt

Mickey is a true “Old World Craftsman”, with a skill set that reads like a construction encyclopedia.

In 1968, after graduation, Mickey signed up as a steel stud framer/lather apprentice at the Phoenix Union Hall, and was the first apprentice in 40 years to be “turned out” early as a journeymen.

In 1975, with an already strong Commercial Construction background, Mickey turned to the residential market and decided to start his own company, Cheyenne Construction and Development Inc. This company is where he found his Niche and has been at the forefront of residential Contracting ever since, building homes and relationships with homebuyers for the past 36+ years.

Vice President: Christopher “Chris” Hunt

Chris Hunt - VP Cheyenne Construction and Development Inc.
Chris Hunt – V.P. Cheyenne Construction and Development Inc.

Literally growing up in the Construction Industry, Chris spent the AZ summers working in the various trades Framing, Drywall and Trim Carpentry associated with Cheyenne Construction.

In 1997, Chris started his own miscellaneous metals business. For 3 years, he and a dozen employees designed and built architectural features for the Commercial and residential markets.

In 2000, Chris decided to return to the work he loved, working with his father in the custom home market using his experience in both residential and commercial construction to further the business.

Today, Chris is proud to be carrying on the Cheyenne Construction tradition of both quality and integrity.


Cheyenne Construction and Development Inc. has a long standing reputation for quality.  This is only possible by asking nothing less from our sub-contractors as well. Pride in workmanship and focus to detail are just the beginning of our expectations.

Over the past 36 years, we are proud to have built some of the both the valleys finest homes and commercial projects. We recognize that these homes and projects require partnerships to be completed.  Cheyenne Construction is fortunate to have an elite group of subcontractors, some of which have been with the Cheyenne team for over 30 years.