The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer

The term “Dog days of summer” has come to represent, in most other parts of the country, the most “oppressive” period of summer, the time between July 3rd and August 11th. Here in Arizona, where our summer seems to last six to eight months, “oppressive” Isn’t a strong enough word to describe our heat. Arizona, specifically the Valley of the Sun, with our temps regularly reaching 118 degrees during the day and sometimes not getting below 90 degrees at night, our beloved Valley is where AC units go to die. The number one reason AC units fail is lack of maintenance! You don’t expect your car to run for 18 hours a day for twenty years with out regular maintenance, yet our AC units do just that. There are a couple things you can do, proactively, to keep your AC system alive, running efficiently, and most importantly, keeping your home cool. Here at Cheyenne Construction and Development Inc. we are always here to help.

#1 – Change the AC filters monthly.
In our desert climate we have a high amount of dust and other particulates in the air naturally. Seasonal monsoon storms bring strong winds, dust storms and even more debris that can quickly render an AC filter useless.

#2 – Have your system inspected regularly. 
We recommend once in April and again in October, prior to the heating and cooling seasons.

The importance of inspecting your AC unit can not be overstated. Looking, listening, and possibly catching potential breakdowns before they happen can save a lot of money and heartache.

Let us help you make sure your system is in tip-top shape. 

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