Cheyenne Construction and Development Inc. can help guide you through the sometimes arduous processes involved in building or remodeling. Our reputation and experience make all the difference. Once plans and necessary permits are obtained, our professionals are ready to go. Striving to make the dream a reality.

The Foundation Stage

This stage consists of site prep. Footings and foundations, underground plumbing and the pouring of concrete.

Frame Stage

This is the structural stage, and an impressive part of the project. It seems to really go quickly. The walls and trusses are set, ceilings are framed, exterior shear sheathing is installed and all of the little architectural details are getting their start. The build looks to be taking shape.

Rough-In Stage

Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and low-voltage wiring are underway. Major inspections are performed and anything that needs to be in-wall is installed. Final framing items are taken care of, roof is stocked and windows are installed. Ready for stucco or siding on the exterior and insulation and wall board in the interior.

Lock-Up Stage

Wall board is installed, stucco applied, wood trim is underway, doors, cabinets and paint are the finishing touches of this stage. Project is able to be secured.

Trim Stage

This is the stage where plumbing fixtures, hard flooring, lighting fixtures, switches and outlets are installed, shower walls are built and mirrors are applied. Carpet and paint touch-up performed, and appliances are installed.


This stage is for the homeowner walk-through, any necessary adjustments made, final cleaning and keys are handed off.

Compared to 1975, the building process has changed considerably. Obviously the physical aspects of the building process are still alive and well, working a trowel or swinging a hammer, but the way todays building and remodeling processes are designed, scheduled and performed are truly revolutionary.

Technology rules building today, from creating drawings, obtaining necessary permitting, planning review reports, engineering, zoning and even most personal communication has “Gone Digital”, emails and texts, to and from all of the different sub-contractors and their related offices are just the beginning of today’s building process. Not to mention the integrated technology in today’s modern build.

The truth of the matter is, that there has never been more technology in our homes than now. With “Smart Home” features, practically everything, can be controlled virtually. Switches, garage door openers, thermostats, security systems, integrated electric vehicle charging systems, even your irrigation system for you yard can be operated from anywhere. These conveniences of technology build value into the home and Cheyenne Construction and Development is proud to offer their services to help build-in that value.

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