We get asked frequently what our services cost. Below is a basic example of what we charge.

Basic Kitchen remodels can start at $35K, The Average Kitchen Remodel is around $68K, A high-end or complete reconfigured Kitchen can go for $95K and up.

Basic secondary or hall Bathroom Remodels can start at $10K, the Average Bathroom Remodel is around $18K, and a High-end Bath remodel can top $35K.

Primary or Master Bathroom remodels typically start in the $21K range and can go up from there. Most Master baths average about $35K and a fully reconfigured master bathroom can see prices of well over $80K.

Most moderate, custom home builds are going to fall into a range of $235-$290 per square foot cost cost to build.**

This is for the home only and doesn’t include the lot on which to build, permits, development fees, utilities ( if not on site ), hard dig situations, landscaping etc.

**Custom home build costs are generally categorized and discussed as “per square foot cost”, basically, livable square footage of the project multiplied by a given factor yields the estimated cost of the build. (EX. 2975 sq. ft. x $235.00 = $699,125.00) This is a gross oversimplification of the pricing process. Although a price per square foot estimate can give one a general idea of budget, we feel it is best to have detailed discussions with both the General Contractor and the Draftsman/Architect to determine a realistic budget for your project.

Each project is different, and the prices above are based on what customers generally spend on their own projects, as an average.

Contact us for your pricing questions, as always, we are here to help.