When to have your water softener filled?

The quick and easy way to tell is to take a look.

1) Locate the brine tank. It will look similar to an outdoor garbage can with a lid, medium in size.

2) Carefully lift the lid, there might be condensation on the underside of lid.

3) If it has been awhile since salt was added to the system, and there isn’t any visible salt pellets in the tank, add 3 bags to start. Tank should be just over half full.
(Most manufacturers recommend 120# or approximately 3 bags of salt at start-up)

4) If there is some visible salt pellets in the tank and the salt appears dry on top, but below the halfway point on the tank, it’s time to add more salt.

If you have any questions or reservations about how to fill your brine tank, give us a call!

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